I am an amateur photographer living in Liverpool. I have been interested in photography since my school days (we had a Photographic Club in the school) but it has played a larger part in my life since I retired in 2001. I was then making transparencies but went digital in 2007. As I had been using Minolta cameras up to that point I chose Sony, who had taken over the Minolta business, so that I could still use my old lenses. Before long, though I was buying new lenses anyway.

I used a succession of Sony cameras (100. 700, 580, 77ii and 6000) over the next twelve years, and, briefly in 2009, a Canon EOS 400D, but have now switched to the Fujifilm X series (XT-2 and XT-3). I keep my kit simple, which means just two lenses, the Fujinon 16-80 mm on the XT-2 and the 100-400 mm on the X-T3.

Some of the older images on the site were shot as JPEGs and processed in Adobe Photoshop Elements, but the majority have been shot in RAW format and processed in Adobe Lightroom. However, here also I made a change in 2019 and am now using Capture One.

My photography is essentially a hobby for my own enjoyment. However some of my pictures have been published in (mostly specialist) magazines, and one in the national press. Some havealso been used from time to time in panels in St Mary's Church, Marlborough (where we lived when I first retired) as illustrations to complement poems or Biblical texts. More recently, I have held one small exhibition in Liverpool, at which some of my prints were sold in aid of a charity in Brazil which is supported by the church community to which I belong.

The images I have chosen for the site are obviously the ones that give me the greatest satisfaction, though I would hesitate to say they are my 'best'. Such a judgement cannot, of course, be entierely objective, influenced as it is by the experiences involved in makng them which leads to a greater emotional attachment to some images than to others. However, my broad aim is that each one should either:
convey or evoke a mood or a feeling,
suggest a story,
represent a place or an animal in an interesting way,
reveal shapes and patterns which might easily go unnoticed,
or capture a moment in time which would otherwise be lost.
And I hope that they give pleasure to all who view them.

Ian McColl.